It is generally believed that substances that activate phagocytes properly have the effect of preventing health problems, or solving problems, and restoring health
We have discovered this magical substance in food pantoea glycolipid

Innate immunity and phagocytosis

The earliest discovery of phagocytes and their importance was Russian scientist Metchnikoff. Metchnikoff observed in starfish larvae have a particularly large, often traveling like Amiba cells, will play a clear role in the larvae penetrate into the thorns, and the cells called phagocytes. In the discovery, Metchnikoff conducted extensive phylogenetic study, phagocytic and function of cells exist various animal studies, the conclusion is that the " all multicellular animal are the same, phagocytic cells play an important role in the overall defense. "" this conclusion.

Phagocytes have the ability to engulf dead or killed cells in the body. Through this function, phagocytes have a cleansing role in the body and are at the forefront of infection defense.

If we can make phagocytes fully functional, then our health will be guaranteed.

The activity of phagocytosis of pantoea glycolipid

In 1988, Dr. Inagawa Hiroyuki, a Japanese Pharmaceutical Doctor, discovered pantoea glycolipid, a substance that literally activates phagocytes, when studying phagocytosis. Further studies have shown that the ubiquitous bacteria that coexist with wheat have substances that activate phagocytes on the cell surface of this microbe. The substance is called glycolipid, and the English language is Lipopolysaccharide, referred to as pantoea glycolipid.

pantoea glycolipid is bred in fertile soil.

Not only wheat, but also bacteria that are attached to fruits, potatoes, rice, and letinous edodes.

However, with the modernization of agriculture, crops began to be cultivated without soil, and the agricultural environment was too sanitary. In such an environment, microorganisms are unable to survive, and the amount of pantoea glycolipid is gradually reduced. pantoea glycolipid, this dreamy ingredient is disappearing from the table.

Sanlai pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd production of Dr.LPS Corporation, the main ingredient is pantoea glycolipid, can effectively complement the human pantoea glycolipid deletion

The discovery of "pantoea glycolipid" won the Nobel prize

Raw materials and production process by China, Japan, Europe invention patents

The main component of Dr.LPS is pantoea glycolipid-, with sufficient concentration content guaranteed

  • Preventive efficacy





  • Improvement efficacy





  • Health effect

    Activation of autoimmune function

  • Cosmetic effect

    Promote wound healing

    Speed up metabolism


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